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Miss Nigeria USA

Miss Anambra USA champions importances of embracing natural hair in Nigeria at 2023 Miss Nigeria USA

Paula Ilonze representing Anambra at the 2023 Miss Nigeria USA

Paula Ilonze representing Anambra at the 2023 Miss Nigeria USA, is championing a crucial cause that emphasizes the importance of embracing natural hair and literacy in Nigeria.

Miss Anambra USA platform focuses on fostering healthier hair practices, promoting self-confidence, and raising awareness about the challenges faced by women with natural hair in Nigeria.

Ilonze’s underscores the significance of maintaining smooth and shiny hair by utilizing natural oils and highlights the key attributes of healthy hair.

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Such as minimal breakage, high elasticity, and minimal split ends.

The beauty queen advocates for achieving healthy hair through consistent routines, regular moisture, appropriate trimming intervals, and gentle handling.

Ilonze emphasizes the need for low manipulation styles and nurturing one’s hair with care and patience.

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Her mission stems from a historical context where the natural hair movement in Nigeria lagged behind Western trends.

Despite the resurgence of natural hair acceptance in the 2010s, many Nigerian women still face challenges, as some hairstylists resort to damaging tactics when handling natural hair.

Ilonze aims to address these issues through a comprehensive solution.

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She plans to collaborate with textured hair care experts to create educational courses for hairstylists, distribute these courses across Nigeria, and establish a regulatory board to ensure professional standards in the industry.

Additionally, Paula intends to conduct presentations in schools to teach girls about natural hair care, integrating it into personal grooming courses alongside other essential life skills.

Ilonze’s personal experience as a dedicated natural hair enthusiast and her role as the founder of a startup specializing in innovative hair tools uniquely position her to drive this initiative.

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The benefits of her efforts would encompass increased confidence, reconnection with cultural roots, heightened self-esteem, and financial savings in hair care expenses.

Ilonze emphasizes that while protective styles have their place, it’s equally vital to learn to nurture and maintain one’s natural hair.

Her vision is rooted in empowerment, autonomy, and self-acceptance, helping women in Nigeria feel confident and proud of their natural hair in all aspects of life.

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