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Miss Nigeria USA

Miss Akwa Ibom USA presents empowering program for youths at Miss Nigeria USA 2023

Udeme Ikaiddi

In a compelling address, Udeme Ikaiddi, the representative of Akwa Ibom at this year’s Miss Nigeria USA pageant, shared her personal journey and her mission to empower and embrace Nigeria’s youth for a brighter future.

Growing up with a resilient single mother who pursued her PhD while raising her and her sister, help her to learned the importance of determination and empowerment.

Ikaiddi emphasized that success requires both the belief that one can accomplish something and the feeling of empowerment to do so.

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And this helps her to focuses on embracing and empowering youth, defining “embrace” as the act of accepting and supporting others enthusiastically.

She elaborated on “empowerment” as making individuals stronger and more confident, particularly in controlling their lives and asserting their rights.

Iniedi drew attention to Nigeria’s youthful population, with nearly 60% under 25 years old, highlighting the pivotal role they play in the nation’s future.

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The beauty queen stressed the need to counteract negativity and doubters to enable youth to effect positive change.

Moreover, Ikaiddi said the concerning statistic of 53% of Nigerian youth facing unemployment, emphasizing the importance of addressing this issue when discussing empowerment.

One significant challenge she mentioned is the trend of Nigerian youth leaving the country for education and not returning.

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Ikaiddi believes this should be considered when addressing youth empowerment.

She proposed various forms of empowerment, including psychological, community and social, economic, and cultural, all contributing to building a stronger foundation for Nigeria’s future.

She also acknowledged the role of social media, despite its drawbacks, in promoting self-love, mental health awareness, and resource-sharing for youth.

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Finally, Ikaiddi discussed her vision for the Miss Nigeria USA Cares nonprofit, aiming to implement programs and projects that embrace and empower youth.

She emphasized the importance of sharing resources to help individuals actualize their dreams and transform them into attainable goals.

In conclusion, Ikaiddi’s impassioned presentation seeks to inspire and empower Nigeria’s youth, emphasizing the significance of embracing their potential and working together for a brighter future.

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Ikaiddi vision for the nonprofit promises a comprehensive approach to address the challenges facing Nigerian youth.

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