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Miss Nigeria USA

Miss Abuja USA platform to address colonization, technology in Nigeria at 2023 Miss Nigeria USA

Uzoamaka Ezeakunne, representing Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory, Abuja in the Miss USA 2023 competition, is using her platform to address the crucial intersection of colonization, technology, and the current state of education in Nigeria.

As a forward-thinking advocate, Miss Abuja USA has developed a comprehensive plan to tackle these pressing issues.

Ezeakunne begins by delving into the historical context of colonization, emphasizing that Nigeria, often perceived as a civilization with an extensive history, had its own unique form of civilization rooted in art and engineering before colonization.

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The aspiring model points out that the colonial powers sought to introduce their culture, including religion and weaponry, which disrupted Nigeria’s indigenous way of life.

Turning her focus to the importance of technology in the modern world, Miss Abuja underscores its relevance for national security and defense.

Ezeakunne highlights the vulnerability of nations that lack technological advancements, drawing a parallel to recent global events like Ukraine’s attack, which underscored the critical role of technology in defense.

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Miss Abuja identifies two key vulnerabilities that necessitate technological advancement: disease and military invasion.

She questions Nigeria’s readiness to combat emerging diseases and defend the nation in the event of an attack.

She stresses the importance of technology in healthcare, research, and national security.

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Shifting her attention to the state of education in Nigeria, Miss Abuja cites concerning statistics from UNICEF, indicating that 10.5 million children between the ages of five and 14 lack access to basic education.

She expresses concern that this educational gap will leave Nigeria lagging behind countries like China, Russia, and America in the future.

To address these challenges, Miss Abuja unveils her 12-step plan. It begins with research to understand the root causes of educational issues in Nigeria.

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She intends to assemble a diverse team of educators, technologists, and fundraisers to address these problems collectively.

Her plan includes creating awareness, advocacy, fundraising, and training teachers in technology integration.

Ezeakunne emphasizes the importance of online learning platforms and the need for monitoring and evaluation to measure progress.

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Community engagement is also a vital component of her plan, as she aims to inspire parents and society to prioritize education for their children.

In summary, Miss Abuja’s dedication to addressing the complexities of colonization, technology, and education in Nigeria is commendable.

Ezeakunne 12-step plan outlines a comprehensive approach to tackling these challenges and improving the educational landscape for the nation’s youth.

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