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“My wedding will be like a movie”, Davido plans big for marriage ceremony




Davido who proposed to his girlfriend, Chioma, recently is about to take his love with the lady to another level as he promised a movie-like wedding in 2020.

About two weeks ago, Chioma was said to have introduced her man to her family as they commenced their marital journey. However, while many people were still arguing what the couple were up to, Davido, on Thursday, at a private party that had some members of his crew and family members popped the question to Chioma.

With a ‘yes’ from Chioma, Davido has now informed those who are close to him to prepare for a movie-like marriage in 2020.

Trust Davido to go big with jewellery as he shared the photo of the huge diamond designed by Dorgu on Chioma’s finger, with caption: “SHE SAID YES!!!! BIG ROCK #ASSURANCE2020”.

Chioma also shared the photo on her Instagram page with the caption, “I love you @davidoofficial (You didn’t even let me wax yet).”

An inside source, who did not want his name mentioned, told R on Friday that Davido and Chioma would spare nothing to throw up the biggest celebrity marriage in the country.

The journey will begin with a traditional marriage in Chioma’s home town before the end of this year and would be followed by a trip to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, for a pre-wedding party that would involve some family members and friends.

Davido, who is about to release his studio album, also informed his crew that top international artistes would fly into Nigeria to grace their big day.

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Black Essence of 20-year-old Nigerian poetess in New Jersey



Elizabeth Omolaja

Elizabeth Omolaja was transplanted to New Jersey from Nigeria when she was three.

She has grown up on life’s journey since then. Now she is 20—and a lot more.

“I am the groundhog scared of its own shadow; I am an unfinished book hoping for a good ending; I am a hidden treasure waiting for someone to clean it…; I am Mary, I am Elizabeth, I am Esther; I am the female who will bring about a new existence,” she wrote in her book Black Essence (Bird with a Broken Wings) launched recently in New Jersey.

But her teacher thinks Elizabeth is something else: a jewel, a diamond.

“A diamond comes from roughness,” said Mrs. Karyn, a teacher at Creek High School. “When it is pressurized, it becomes a nice and shiny object we can mesmerize over.”

Karyn comes from the Island of Bermuda and has been in the U.S. for two decades. So she knows when a diamond from Africa turns up in the dirt.

Elizabeth Omolaja abd Mrs. Karyn

According to her, Elizabeth has gone through a lot of trials—from where she was, then, always having anxiety.

Dark clouds seem part of the sterner stuff most writers and poets are made of. No wonder her lines and verses drip with tear-jerking emotions. She confessed she inked many of the poems when she—or her friends—was going through some rough patches.

“So the poetry encompasses my feelings during the bad times and the good times,” said Elizabeth.

There’s no doubt the heat of those moments has refined the gem in her.

“I saw her recovering from trials and tribulation. And through the community, she has been pressurized. They have helped to mold the young lady,’ said Karyn.

“Now I see a beautiful diamond about to flourish.”

Elizabeth Omolaja and her family

For a black young poet to flourish enough to get published in the U.S. is not a picnic. There are lots of baggage you drag along when you are colored. Elizabeth had a fair share of those drags.

“There were times I put off the book,” she said.

It got worse because she is Nigerian. “I had to balance being a Nigerian and then a Black person in America. I have to adjust to each situation.”

And the blah feeling that came with such an identity crisis, sometimes, overwhelmed her so much she felt like she was that “bird with a broken wind”. And that the book was heading nowhere.

At such downtimes, Elizabeth was not always alone. Her fairy godmother Karyn, who she described as a blessing, was always close by.

“She’d tell me the book might touch somebody more than it means to me. That kept me going on.”

And, really, all the motivation from parents, friends, Karyn, others, were all worth it. The book turned out a hit.

“Black Essence is about the excellence that is in the melanin of our skin. It’s about the promotion of the essence of a people,” she said.

Its acclaim, according to families and friends that came to the book signing, cuts across poetry, youth motivation, and pan-Africanism.

Karyn described the author as an open book, a prototype of success for New Jersey’s youth of color.

Elizabeth herself has this to say: “Don’t let the fear of what can go wrong keeps you from succeeding.”

See more pictures below:

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“My mum begged me to get married”, ex-BBNaija Gideon Okeke



ex-BBNaija Gideon Okeke

Gideon Okeke who came to the public eye in 2006 when he appeared as a contestant on the first edition of Big Brother Nigeria has recounted how his mother used to beg him on both knees to get married and have kids on time.

Okeke also shared how his dad’s business dwindled and his mother picked it up from there, doing everything she could to make sure he didn’t become a failure.

He celebrates his mother who just turned 57, for all the sacrifices she made for him while growing up as a young boy.

Read his full write-up below.

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TRUE STORY : After primary school (at TADE Nurs/Pry APAPA), there came a huge government clamp down on Bromate Flour. Bakers were BANNED from touching it. What did you think gave "Agege Bread" the weight? BROMATE. This meant that over 500 bags of My father's Baking Flour were put to ruins. They all had BROMATE! That was when My father's Bakery business rolled to a grinding stop. Not a dough was milled. My father reduced to a 3rd of his original size. Diabetes showed up like rain. You braced what we now call Domestic Violence, at a time it was claimed to be the rights of Patriarchy. You stayed for the Child. At this point, Secondary School Education was NOT SURE for your ONLY child. That was when you got suited and booted up! You showed up like a super hero Mummy. WHAT??? MY PIKIN NOR GO GO SCHOOL??? JU-LY (U LIE) From Bread to Puff-Puff , to Chin-chin to beer parlour to scaling ALL ur Abada and trinkets (1 by 1) to Mama Nonso…..omo the story loooong. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY HERO. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU. To be a Man is not a day's job. To Be a WOMAN, is to give LIFE. Ps: to the few people who know her (My life brothers) @olpa38 , @rickodiablo call Mumsie make una do Her as una dey do. FOR ME. Blessings brothers.

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In 2008, Gideon joined the cast of MNET TV series Tinsel on which he is a regular to date.

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