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Houston to go ‘Green-White-Green’ on Nigeria Independence day in Texas



Houston City Hall

As Nigerians in Texas prepare for the forthcoming Nigerian Cultural Parade and Festival in Houston, the U.S. largest city is also preparing to honor the world’s largest Black nation as it nears its 59th year as Independent nation in Africa.

The City of Houston, including its city hall, highways, and bridges will glow with the Nigerian color Green-White-Green on September 27, the eve of the Nigerian Cultural Parade.

Sept 28, Houston will also join the Nigerian community in Houston to celebrate Nigeria and its culture.

One of the facilitators of the parade, Linda Anukwuem, officially brought the news of the honor and participation by Houston City.

According to her, this is a first for Nigeria and also for Nigerian-Americans in the U.S., that Houston will be the first amongst U.S. cities to honor Nigeria, and celebrate its independence.

Nigeria celebrates its Independence Day October 1. The parade and festival, however, will come up Sept 28, and it is going to be a splashy display of everything that is Nigerian.

Anukwuem told Being Nigerian recently how involved Houston has been in the 2019 edition of the festival. Apart from shutting down the parade route that day, the city has allowed its official seal o the promotion literature of the parade.

A section of the city hall, in the lead up to the event, is also showcasing the Nigerian Masquerade Exhibition.

“Anybody going into the lobby of the City Hall now can read the history of each of those masquerades. They will also learn more about the event,” said Anukwuem.

The exhibition lasts till October 2, in the A.D. Players Theatre in the galleria area of the hall.

The trade and investment department of the Mayor’s office is also working with Anukwuem to facilitate business and investment relations between the city, its investors and Nigeria.

Houston can’t just ignore Nigeria—for certain reasons.

Houston is the most diverse, culturally, and the biggest city in the U.S. It’s not odd if it embraces a culturally diverse people like Nigerians.

The city is also home to the largest population of Nigerians, no fewer than 150,000, living in the U.S. That figure makes Nigerians the largest African community in the country.

Such a growing culture demands all the attention it can get.

And Houston is giving it right from the evening of Sept. 27. The city will be sparkling with green-white-green, and the route to the Root Memorial Centre, on the 28, will bubble with lavish display of Nigerian attires, songs, drums, masquerades and others.

“Non-Nigerians attending will be able to see the ‘True NAIJA Experience’,” Anukwuem told Being Nigerian.

WeLead Inc. and Culturally NAIJA, including WAZOBIA African Kitchen, have, no doubt, demonstrated how big they want to make this year’s edition.

Big Brother Nigeria

Mercy Eke wins Big Brother Nigeria season four



Mercy Eke has become the winner of BBNaija season four.

The ‘Queen of Highlights’ was crowned winner during the finale on Sunday.

This win makes Mercy the first woman to win the Big Brother Naija reality show since inception.

Popularly known as ‘Lamborghini’, Mercy was touted as the possible winner for the season by show fans and celebrities alike.

The light hearted diva made the top two with her show best friend, Mike Edwards, who emerged first runner up.

As winner, Mercy walked home with cash prize worth over 40 million Naira, brand new Innosson SUV, Dubai trip for two and other prizes.

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Nigerian youths partner Consulate on ‘Our Nigeria, Our Brand’ initiative



Nigerian Youth in the Diaspora Engagement Forum (NYDEF)

An organization mobilizing Nigerian youth in the Diaspora is partnering with the Nigerian Consulate in New York to celebrate Nigeria’s 59th anniversary of Independence with a conference on how to redeem Nigeria’s image.

The Nigerian Youth in the Diaspora Engagement Forum (NYDEF) initiated the conference themed Our Nigeria, Our Brand to tackle the identity problem Nigerians face, and to showcase good things Nigerians youth in the Diaspora are doing instead of the bad image dogging every holder of the green passport.

According to NYDEF communications officer Yinka Sarayi, following the string of fraud busts in California, xenophobic attacks in South Africa, and ICE’s raids in some cities in the U.S, it became imperative to have a talk on how Nigerians can navigate the Diaspora.

“The conference will also show how Nigerian youth and their achievements can show forth instead of the stereotypes that have followed Nigerians in the Diaspora,” she told Being Nigerian in New York Sept. 30.

She revealed how so many Nigerian youth are contributing tremendously to economies of their host countries and communities in the Diaspora, though these contributions have yet to rub off on Nigeria.

The conference idea originated from NYDEF, and the Nigerian Consul in New York bought into it because, the Consulate said, the theme stands for everything the consulate does, since Nigeria’s image is its only official business.

“They were happy some youth are coming together to have this heart-to-heart talk. They asked us to host the conference at the consul in New York,” she said.

Listed to speak at the event October 3 are Nollywood stars like Stella Damasus, who will be addressing stereotypes, including divorce back in Nigeria; Seun Sean Jimoh will talk on internet fraud in the Diaspora; Rapper and activist, Lambogini on tour of U.S. in his prison reforms efforts; and former aide to a former Senate president of Nigeria, Bankole Omisore, will address Nigerian youth’s achievement in the Diaspora.

NYDEF, its communications officer said, is a platform Ope Alao founded of NYDEF to bring together initiatives and projects Nigeria youth breaking trails abroad can undertake, using their expertise and global exposure, to help development back in Nigeria.

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Big Brother Nigeria

BBNaija evicts Diane Russet on Independence Day eve



Diane Russet

Housemate Diane Russet has been evicted from the 2019 Big Brother Nigeria reality TV show.

She was evicted after the Ultimate Veto Power Holder, Frodd, picked a coin that belonged to her.

Frodd picked Diane’s gold Bet9ja coin in the final ultimate veto-power game and Biggie gave her 10 seconds to leave the house.

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